最新消息活動Award 2013 AEx (Audio Excellence Award)

Award 2013 AEx (Audio Excellence Award)

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 awarded the UD-501 (PITEK OLED) their Greatest Bits award in a Rave review.

 "The UD-501(PITEK OLED) invites you into each musical performance making it downright difficult to leave."


The UD-501(PITEK OLED) has been awarded the VGP (Visual Grand Prix) Gold Award, one of the most famous in the AV equipment market. It was also awarded the AEx (Audio Excellence Award) and AEx Extra Award for pure audio equipments. 


Audio Excellence Award is the highest accolade awarded to products that encapsulate innovalue. 

PITEK OLED Display products are innovative and superior in terms of performance, quality, and design.

The products that have been honored with the Audio Excellence Award, the greatest testimony to the design, quality, and performance of PITEK Display products.