https://www.pitekpro.com/en/contact.html PITEK Co.,Ltd. https://www.pitekpro.com/en/images/corpimg.png 4F., No.83, Zhongshan Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 42047, Taiwan (R.O.C.) $ 04-2532-6399 PITEK Co., Ltd.’s main business is OLED module design and manufacturing many years of industrial experience and expert team members. PITEK Display provides the worldwide market with cost effective and high quality OLED Module Displays . In addition to our vast standard part offerings, we also offer custom designs to all industries. We provide our customers with “In-time Services”“On-time Delivery ““Best Price”, “Highest Quality. PITEK is always your best partner in OLED display module solutions. PITEK is your BEST choice. PITEK OLED Display products are innovative and superior in terms of performance, quality, and design.   The products that have been honored Award, the greatest testimony to the design, quality, and performance of PITEK Display products.   Technology    Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) is the latest technology. Phosphorescence OLED technology plays an important role in meeting the demand for power saving applications. PITEK is dedicated to the integration of display technologies, such as AMOLED modules.    Features    1.Super wide color gamut > 100%; 2.High color saturation independent of gray scale change 3.Free viewing angle and high contrast 4.Dynamic power consumption 5.Fast response time to reduce motion blur phenomena 6.Thin and light module 7.Displays feature ultra high resolution   Directly Replace Character OLED Module of Character LCD Module. Distributor CONTACT:   (India)LAPPTECK MARKETING232, Akshay Complex,DHOLE Patil Road.Pune - 411001. IndiaPh:+91-020-4007-8182M: +91-97-6600-0167Website: www.lappteck.com   (Belgium)NITRONRue de la Maîtrise, 131400 NivellesBelgiumTel : +32 67 89 23 90Fax : +32 67 89 23 99E-mail : info@nitron-components.comWebsite : www.nitron-components.com   (France)NITRON Avenue du Sénateur Girard, 159300 ValenciennesFranceTel : +33 327 44 00 74Fax : +33 327 46 62 96E-mail : france@nitron-components.com Website : www.nitron-components.com   (Netherlands)DiBis Digital B.V.Kaapstanderweg 1F8243 RB LELYSTADTHE NETHERLANDSTel : +31-320-250 860Website: www.dibis.nl                        

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Address:4F., No.83, Zhongshan Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 42047, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (Full display google map)

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